Our tasks and us – a partnership coaching

Partnership Coaching in 6 steps:

Here is a pair of friends who need help. In front of us there a two energy creatures whose relationship is not harmonous: A human being on the one side and on the other side his tasks. Both, the human and the task are not happy. Both wish to find a way to grow together and to flow in the the river of life.

1. Step
Human:    „I am only doing what I want to do!
Task:    „You don’t want to see me. That makes me full of sorrow.“

2. Step
Human:    „I know you exist, but I do what I want to do.“
Task:    „You deny my existence. That makes me angry.“

3. Step
Human:    „Only with discipline and effort I can finish you. It is no fun“
Task:    „You are projecting your negative feelings and memories onto me.
    You „finish“ me. That frightens me“

4. Step
Human:    „I acknowledge and do what has to be done“
Task:    „You found your arrangement with me. Whereas I could add much more beauty to    your life“

5. Step
Human:    „I fulfill you with joy, my task“
Task:    „You embrace me fully. That feels good. I thank you“

6. Step
Human:    „I am living all aspects of my earthen being with joy and gratitude. How wonderful     that you came into my life, beloved task“
Task:    „I am you and you are me. We both swim happily and safely in the river of life.“

Responsibiliy means to respond to the gifts of the Universe

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